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Leadership Presence - Coaching Workshop

Benefits :

  • Gain confidence and become fully aware of your "personal link"

  • Understand how your presence affects others

  • Understand the connection between body, breath and voice

  • Take the non-verbal into account (posture, gestures, energy, rhythm)

  • Develop vocal awareness and experience how others hear you

  • Control stress rather than having it control you (you're the boss)

  • Remove fear and allow yourself to be impactful

  • Identify where you carry stress in your body and learn techniques to release tension

leadership presence

Tailored workshops for leaders and executives

The art of communications is the language of leadership.

As a leader, raising your communication skills from acceptable to outstanding helps improve your abilities to motivate, inspire and influence others.
But it is so easy for leaders to fall into role playing and forget to put themselves back into the equation. Our workshops will focus in on your presence and authenticity as a communicator. How is the energy you bring to your work affecting those around you? Are you getting your message across?

The more we understand the unique ways that each individual communicates - be it through voice, non-verbal language, the ability to listen or the ability to carry an emotion with a message - the stronger we are at getting our message across with confidence, clarity and authenticity. In an audition type setting, we will observe participants and we will comment, correct and build upon your skills.

We give you the skills of the actor to make you a better communicator. Rehearsals, personal discoveries and refinement are at the heart of this workshop. We also work with the "neutral mask", a theatrical tool that allows all other masks to fall...

The Red Rabbit Project - Coaching
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