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Pol Turgeon


Visual Designer 


His work is everywhere: books, posters, clothing, magazines and calendars. It brings toys to life and is often caught invading theatres. The more diverse, the better; the more audacious, the hotter. Give him a free hand and he will lead you down paths you never imagined, somewhere in between revelation and madness.


Pol Turgeon studied graphic design at Concordia University in Montreal back in the eighties. He then crossed the US border to study illustration at The New York School of Visual Arts.


His work has earned him 200 awards so far. It is frequently outlined across prestigious illustration annuals and exhibited in fancy galleries. A major retrospective of his personal and professional work was held in New York in 2008 before hitting the colorful roads in Quebec.


He has been teaching illustration at UQAM (University of Quebec in Montreal) for the past twenty years. As for the North American venues that host his numerous conferences and workshops, they are always full. 


So what does he do when he has a moment to himself? He remembers to breathe. Phew.


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