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What impresion are you leaving ?

Presence: What it means, why it matters and how to improve it.

If you want to be seen and heard (and be sure to have an impact), don’t miss this workshop!

                                          Presence: What it means, why it matters and how to improve it.  What is presence?


We often hear about it as some elusive characteristic that certain individuals emit. Presence is something that we all embody, in fact becoming aware of how we are perceived and how we connect with people is essential in the awareness needed for anyone wishing to present their ideas to one individual, a work culture or an auditorium filled with people. Practiced presence combined with our personal expertise and skills is a winning combination.


Throughout this workshop, we will go from being the observer to the observed. 


                                              Seeing is Believing :  First and second workshop based on the Observer Observed 

  • Explore your vocal range and dynamics  and discover how you are being heard

  • Experience non- verbals using tools from the theatre that zoom in on the details you need to be aware of in order to put your best self forward.

  • Work on your delivery and see if you are connecting emotionally with your listeners


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October 19, 2017
November 15, 2017
Décembre 12, 2017

What they are saying ...


" The Red Rabbit workshop help me going through a valuable introspection, giving me a comprehensive behavior tool box that I apply daily in my public speeches, both in courses at ÉTS and workshops at Centech." Luc Giguère, Serial Entrepreneur, Start up Creator, Incubateur ETS


"…Both remarkable and life changing the workshop was both a lesson in humility and humanity. It showed me how important it is to be myself and how obvious it is to others when I take on a role as opposed to being authentic. Amazing! "

Kaitlyn Robertson John Molson Executive MBA graduate 2015, John Molson School of Business, Concordia University


" I worked with Red Rabbit last year and they truly improved my presentations skills.  Awesome team and they deliver a great experience!‬”

Alain Jr. Lefebvre, PMP Executive MBA 2016, John Molson School of Business, Concordia University


Personal finances: two simple words that talk about trust and one on one conversations. Public speaking: two simple words capable of provoking negative physical reactions despite experience. Red Rabbit: the team that got me out of my comfort zone to face a common fear. They taught me to breathe and made me aware of the physicality that comes with public speaking. I am very happy and proud to report that the presentation I gave 2 days after my first atelier was well received. Actually, I got positive reviews for days! A lot of thought was put into the message but the lessons learned from the professionals at Red Rabbit gave me the tools to engage and offer a smooth delivery.” Dominique Vincent, Vice-présidente Portfolio Manager, 3Mac Raymond James Cie

The Red Rabbit Project

Red Rabbit Project are a performance and coaching collective comprised of artists who have honed their skills working with foremost luminaries such as: Le Cirque du Soleil, The National Theatre and Circus Schools of Canada, renowned schools in New York, Paris, Vienna, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Belgium…They have also trained and continue to train executives: thought leaders from some of the world’s most known corporations.



Red Rabbit coaching workshops

Seeing is Believing - Coaching Workshop

Tailored for consulting,
marketing & sales teams.

Leadership Presence - Coaching Workshop

Tailored workshop for
managers & leaders.

Empowering Women - Coaching Workshop

Tailored for women:

Find your voice and let it be heard.

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