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A Case for Mindful Listening

Before I even begin I want to state that I am not making a case for trendy buzz words but rather for a simple fact, that each of us likes to feel acknowledged and listened to.

After years of having had the privilege of coaching and directing leading performers in theatre, film, dance, cirque and business, it has become obvious that one of the most important assets to anyone in life is how they connect with others.

Whether we work for a corporation or are on a stage, in a shop or hospital, in a courtroom or a classroom or a cloak room, the one thing we all have in common is that we are paid to communicate. Our energy is contagious and defines how people experience us.

We believe the key factors to identifying how well we connect with one other person or ten thousand people is our ability to listen with our entire being; being present.

When someone really listens, and offers that space for the other person to be heard, there is a quality of respect that allows us to feel acknowledged and worth listening to.

I feel that listening has become a kind of lost art form. It is something that is so simple and yet so powerful that it would be an asset worth anyone’s while to put some effort into. I am convinced that our individual presence has the power to change our interactions in a way that can change our lives and the world. If we could just listen to understand instead of listening to reply as Ernest Hemingway once stated, we could really make a difference in our lives and those we meet. Are you a good listener? It’s a question worth pondering.

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