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Who are we on the other side of the screen?

Red Rabbit Project: 2 Day Bootcamp a Game Changer

It is stated that 80% of young people prefer conversing digitally and are often uncomfortable

with face to face communication. As a result, they’re less likely to understand how they are

perceived by others when entering the work force. We feel that these skills in communication

are indispensable and that the academic institutions that choose to incorporate them are giving

their students the winning key for success in an increasingly automated world.

I saw a headline recently: “Humans need not Apply”. I have to say I was taken aback and felt

pretty upset for the younger generations coming up. But regardless the fact that AI and

technology are more and more at the forefront of todays work industries, humanity, creativity,

collaboration, ideation, problem solving, critical thinking, adaptability, empathy and

connectivity with our clients will always be what makes a company tick. Our abilities to interact

and connect have always been and I believe will always be the glue that creates success.

With so much time spent on screen we are seeing more and more anxiety when it comes to

face to face communication.

At Red Rabbit Project we have coached thousands of Business and thought leaders from all over

the world and we have seen the confidence that comes with being able to stand up and express

oneself, clearly and concisely. We also have a top businesswoman in our team who serves to

facilitate the connection between the worlds of business and art. Both worlds are intrinsically

connected with our abilities to communicate.

Our team comes from the world of the performing arts and have worked and continue to work

in some of the world’s largest entertainment groups, performance schools and international


What we do:

In an intensive two-day bootcamp, participants work with tools from the performing arts in

order to learn to put their best self forward as communicators. There is no role playing as we

are not here to make you actors but rather empower you as communicators. We use tools from

the actors apprenticeship so that you can become aware of the energy you project, what your

presence says about you, what your posture projects, how your voice is such an incredible tool

for unifying groups, how important listening is as a life and leadership skill, how to focus and

become mindful of those around you and how to bring emotion and expression to your


Day 1: is about giving you the necessary tools so that you have a common ground with all the

other participants to work with.

Day 2: we watch you present and then give you feedback as we would to any stage performer

that we would be coaching

The results of this bootcamp have been remarkable and we believe these skills are often what

are missing in a time when we spend more times behind our screens than in front of them.

In a world where technology advances at a lighting rate, technical skills will often become

obsolete but our skills as communicators will always be what guarantees our success. No

matter what, we are doing business with people and our ability and personality in the art of

connection is what will keep us viable and ahead of the game!

How will humans create value in an increasingly automated world? By doing what we do best,

cultivating our humanity and with it our unique abilities to connect and deliver our message.

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