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We have trained, and continue to train executives, Thought Leaders, men and women from some of the world's  most known corporations. What they said...

they've worked with the Red Rabbit Project

and strengths that every professional should pursue, taught by experts in their respective fields." 

Aline Bélanger, VP Finance




Banking & finance

Fonds de Solidarité FTQ

Fédération des caisses Desjardins 

Business Development Bank of Canada 


Caisse des dépôts et placements


Transportation & utilities

Railpower Technologies Corp. 




Customs Services




Telecom, technology, consulting

CGI Consulting




Bell Canada

Red Rabbit project is an innovative approach to integrating disciplines from the arts into the business and professional spheres. Experiential workshops led by leading performers help participants access the power of voice, rhythm and movement, creating fertile ground for increased learning about the connection between the self (being) and the work environment (doing). Session leaders are enthusiastic and committed to helping participants access untapped artistic abilities for enhanced personal and professional development.”
Louise Macdonald, Managing Director, Knightsbridge Human Capital Solutions


integrated approach to relaxation and well-being through artistic expression. These workshops are entertaining, interactive and attractive. They are an ideal complement and counterpoint TO RELEASE DIFFERENTLY.”

Jocelyna Dubuc, Owner, SPA Eastman


The Red Rabbit Project - Coaching
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