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Empowering Women - Coaching Workshop

Benefits :

  • Say "yes" to your comfort zone and "no" to stress

  • Know your strengths and highlight them

  • Learn to speak with confidence in front of a mixed audience

  • Learn to take the floor and be heard

  • Learn to identify your stress triggers 

  • Control stress as opposed to letting stress control you (you're the boss)


Empowering Women


If we think of the great leaders who touched us most, chances are they share the following strenght: a powerful ability to get their message, ideas and objectives across with clarity, authenticity and emotion.


As a woman in a man's world, it is imperative to not lose who we are as individuals. Your business has chosen you to represent it. Your ability to communicate is what got you your job in the first place. Knowing what distinguishes you from other people is of utmost importance.


In this workshop, we will explore your singularity. We will look at your strengths and weaknesses in terms of voice, non verbals, attitude, posture, ability to listen, ability to carry the emotion behind the message, etc. 


Your personal link is your ultimate key to success. So don't limit your possibilities, learn to take the floor and be heard!


We are invisible until we are heard

The Red Rabbit Project - Coaching
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