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The Red Rabbit Project


Concept, animation: Pol Turgeon

After Effects: David Seitz


Other videos:

Film making: Marlene Millar

Camera:  Zachary  Fay, Marlene Millar

Montage: Marlene Millar, Jules de Niverville

Music: Dino Giancola, Charmaine LeBlanc


Shooting of shows:

Zachary Fay, Jules de Niverville, Marlene Millar 

  • Vimeo Grunge

All artworks presented on this web site are original productions from the Red Rabbit Project. Please visit our Vimeo for more!

Coaching team: photo credits


Carole Bitoun, Charmaine LeBlanc, Daniele DeBlois, Sandy Sylva, Anthony McLean

Michoue Sylvain, Massimo.



Branding team: photo credits



Concept: Pol Turgeon

Body painting: Eleni Uranus

Film making: Marlene Millar"Jane Mapin": Anthony McLean

"Benoit Lachambre", "Ken Roy": Marlene Millar, Zachary Fay

"Marc Beland", "Marc Daigle", "Carol Prieur", "Mathilde Monnard": Zachary Fay

Montage: Marlene Millar 
After effects: David Seitz
Lighting: Anthony McLean

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