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Seeing is Believing - Coaching Workshop

A must for anyone willing to:

  • Remove the fear from presentations and being impactful

  • Identify where you carry stress in your body

  • Learn techniques that help release tension

  • Understand the connection between body, breath and voice

  • Gain confidence

  • Say yes to being in your comfort zone and no to stress

  • Learn to feel comfortable when presenting

  • Gain a greater awareness of your personal link

  • Understand how your presence affects others

  • Identify how body language contributes to communication

  • Consider non-verbal’s, posture, gestures, energy and rhythm

  • Develop vocal awareness and experience how others hear you

  • Control stress rather than let it control you

Seeing is believing

A workshop based on the Observer being Observed

The Red Rabbit Project - Coaching

You have great ideas, a great product to pitch and the expertise required to do it. The question you have the communication skills needed to get your message across? You have to keep in mind that your personal link and how you connect with people is what most often makes or breaks a deal. 


Popular wisdom says that there are three secrets to a great presentation: rehearsal, rehearsal and rehearsal. So let's go, come and take a beta test drive with us as your audience and see how clearly you are delivering your message.


In this workshop we will first get physical...well...what we mean here is that we will focus on the physicality of communicating. What is your body conveying? What are your voice and tone projecting about you? And how exactly are body, breath and voice interconnected?


Throughout this workshop, we will go from being the observer to being the observed. It is easier to see things on others as we don't carry the same preconceived notions on them that we have of ourselves. It is also fascinating to see how others observe us. At this stage don't be surprised how small tweaks make a huge difference in how people respond to you and your pitch.


Each participant will leave with personal tools to help get their message across in a clear and concise manner. Remember your audience isn't here to buy your new product or project; it is you they need to buy, hence the importance of the personal link you are about to build with them.

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