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"I'm the expert. So there is no doubt why my boss has chosen me to give this pitch.


I know I have everything I need to succeed here. So why am I sweating like this, why is my heart pounding out of my chest and why is my voice shaking uncontrollably?


Wait, I have tricks to make me look confident: I am checking my posture and trying to remember techniques that, they say, work wonders for other presenters. But...nothing seems to be working right now.


I realize that not two people are the their soft skills and strengths cannot be the same either, right? When I think of all the great speakers I came to meet over the years, what they really have in common is that they're all unique. And so are their respective ways to deliver a message and touch people. They seem to establish a "personal link" with their audience, establishing the confidence required to take them wherever they want to go, whether on the personal or professional front.


So...if my greatest asset is myself, how do I create MY personal link?"

The Red Rabbit Project - Coaching


are not the only one saying...

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