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The Red Rabbit Project - Branding

 bizarre, B(is)art,

 Business (is) art

Branding with a twist: Making Art Work for You!

The Red Rabbit Project is on the lookout for companies that want to set themselves apart, for visionary leaders willing to step out of the usual ways of doing things and marketing products.


We believe that the arts have a powerful impact on people and that using them as part of your advertising mix will help them experience your idea, brand or product in a memorable way. And creating memorable experiences is what the Red Rabbit Project is all about.

We come from a different ideation background: the performance and visual arts. As a team, we have produced dozens of award winning works, from stage productions and films all the way to musical scores and visual artwork. Today, we bring our talents and expertise together to highlight your brand.


You'll be happy we came knocking...



The Red Rabbit Project - Branding
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