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The Red Rabbit Project - Branding
Carole Bitoun

Carole Bitoun

Co-founder, Business Strategist

Marlene Millar

Marlene Millar


Team red rabbit branding

      Making           work for 



Coming from two very different backgrounds, the founders of The Red Rabbit Project soon realized that the worlds of Arts and Business have much more in common than meets the eye. Both have to communicate in order to get their messages across. Both have to be innovative and continuously reinvent themselves. And we believe, at this point in time, that both worlds have to keep investing in their teams and brand uniqueness if they want to keep their edge and simply be around tomorrow.

             MICHOUE SYLVAIN           

               Actress & Playwright 

Charmaine Leblanc

Charmaine Leblanc


Vocalist, Composer & Director

Pol Turgeon

Visual Designer


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