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Carole is a seasoned executive with over 25 years’ experience in sales and marketing.


First based in Europe, Carole has held several senior management positions within global companies such as Dun and Bradstreet, GE Capital, and Frost and Sullivan, where she made significant and steady contributions to the bottom line. Her winning strategies for hiring, training and motivating sales teams played no minor role in the 20% year-over-year growth she regularly posted.


Now living in Canada, Carole has embraced the information technology and consulting services industry. She currently acts as Strategic Advisor, Eastern Region, for an Oracle partner. Prior to this role, Carole worked at SAP Canada, and KPMG-Bearingpoint where she implemented business development programs across Eastern Canada. She also has a significant experience in collaborating with prestigious partners, including major systems integration firms such as Accenture, IBM, Deloitte, Microsoft CGI, KPMG, and E&Y.


In all matters, Carole demonstrates first-class leadership. Her sales expertise has helped her build and maintain strong business relationships and develop an in-depth knowledge of both the Canadian and European markets.


Carole graduated in economics and she also studied sales engineering and management. Today, she is actively involved in several social activities and she is a member of associations such as Premières en affaires, Women in a lead, La Chambre de Commerce du Grand Montréal and MBAM.


Recognized for her leadership and entrepreneurial skills, Carole knows how to mobilize her teams and respect each member’s singular strengths. Her abilities in bringing the best out of teams often lead to successful outcomes.


Carole is passionate about people and the "Art of being". She is a natural advisor and mentor for the young entrepreneurs. At The Red Rabbit Project, she leverages her expertise in strategic and business development to create an innovative path that connects both worlds: the corporate realm and performing arts.

Carole Bitoun


Business strategist

Carole Bitoun
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